Slide LIPPE Lift T80 Plattformtreppenlift Self-determind and mobile in your own home! Slide LIPPE Lift Konstanz Plattformtreppenlift Quality and saftey 100 % made in Germany Slide LIPPE Lift T80 Plattformtreppenlift T80 platform stair lift: The right solution for every staircase! Slide LIPPE Lift LL12 Plattformtreppenlift LL12 Platform stair lift: Special lift for narrow stairs Slide LIPPE Lift T80 Sitztreppenlift Chair stair lift with extremly high load capacity of 225 kg Slide LIPPE Lift STL300 Vertikal-Plattformlift Vertical platform lift STL300: Space saving without a lift shaft Slide LIPPE Lift Konstanz Plattformtreppenlift Konstanz platform stair lift: Reliable and powerful Slide LIPPE Lift Konstanz Plattformtreppenlift Universally applicable even for difficult staircases Slide LIPPE Lift T80 Plattformtreppenlift Platform stair lifts for indoor and outdoor

LIPPE Lift is committed to the environment and the climate, our goal: climate-neutral production till 2030.

With the purchase of one of our lifts you support the “Future forests” campaign for the reforestation of the regional forest.

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Preserve your independence!

Are you unsteady when walking? Climbing stairs in particular is a big problem for you?
Are you suddenly dependent on a wheelchair due to a change in your life situation?

That doesn’t mean you need to move house or to move to another town!
If steps have become an insurmountable obstacle for you, there is a solution for a barrier-free home: stairs can be overcome without effort and without having to rely on the help of others with the inclined and vertical lifts from LIPPE Lift.

Coping with everyday life in your own house or apartment despite a physical handicap means quality of life, zest for life and independence.

  • Live in your own home
  • Self-determined and mobile
  • Comfortable and safe

Platform stair lift

The platform stair lift transports wheelchair users comfortably and safely to every floor.

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Vertical platform lift

The vertical platform lift is suitable for low heights and transports people vertically.

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Chair stair lift

A chair stair lift transports you safely and comfortably while sitting down.

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The right solution for every flight of stairs!

For straight stairs

For curved stairs

For outside steps

Quality – 100 % made in Germany

Our partners in your area!

LIPPE Lift cooperates with about 50 partners in Germany and around 30 partners in foreign countries. Your local partner will advise you without obligation and free of charge in order to find the best solution for you and your situation. During an appointment at your home the stairs will be measured exactly in order to be able to furnish you with a precise quotation.

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  • Service offices in your area
  • Everything from a single source
  • Consulting, installation and service
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