The T80 platform stair lift

Universally usable, even with difficult stairs, on slopes and over long distances.

The T80 platform stair lift is characterised by its load capacity of 300 kg, which is independent of the inclination, as well as almost all possible running rail layouts.

A very flexible fastening system and an extensive range of equipment options round off the outstanding overall concept of this universal lift.

Thanks to its unique drive system, the T80 platform stair lift runs with little wear, reliably and extremely smoothly. No lubrication needed on the entire rail.

T80 platform stair lift in a railway station in Lhasa (approx. 3650 m above sea level).

T80 platform stair lift in the “Forbidden City” in Peking (UNESCO World Heritage Site).

T80 platform stair lift on the outside deck of a cruise ship.

Installations in the high plains of Lhasa, in Central Africa, outdoors in northern Scandinavia or in the outside areas of cruise ships are an indication of the almost unlimited possibilities.

  • Universally usable with any flight of stairs
  • Ideal for use on slopes and over long distances
  • Also suitable for S-curves
  • Flexible adaptation to every curve radius
  • Low-wear drive runs extremely smoothly
  • No lubricant on the running rail
  • Upper running rail serves as handrail
  • Maximum reliability
  • Battery drive ensures driving in case of a power cut
  • Winter operation down to -20 °C
Lippe Lift, TÜV-baumustergeprüft, Made in Germany
Lippe Lift Icon Tragfähigkeit

Load capacity
300 kg

Lippe Lift Icon Steigungswinkel

0° to 60°

LIPPE Lift T80 platform stair lift

Area of use

The right solution for every flight of stairs!

Whether straight stairs with two steps or curving stairs extending over several floors – our T80 platform stair lift can be mounted on virtually any stairs. Even so-called S-curves are no problem for the T80. The T80 platform stair lift is ideal for use on steep slopes and over long distances.

Lippe Lift Icon Gerade Treppe

For straight stairs

Lippe Lift Icon Kurvige Treppe

For curving stairs

Lippe Lift Icon Außentreppe

For outdoor steps


The drive system of the T80 is unique and is characterised by maximum reliability. It was developed in 1985 and has been continuously improved ever since. Thanks to the clean separation of force transmission and rail guidance, the T80 platform stair lift drives with little wear and extremely smoothly. No lubrication needed on the entire rail.

Running rails

With our T80 platform stair lift the high-quality running rail also assumes the function of the stair handrail. As a result, there are no extra costs for a handrail in new or renovated buildings. The running rail is designed so that the speed of travel of the lift is automatically reduced in the curves.

Platform size

Each T80 platform stair lift is made to measure and is adapted individually to the flight of stairs and conditions on site. The platform of the T80 is available in four standard sizes: 800 x 1000 mm, 750 x 1000 mm, 700 x 900 mm and 680 x 840 mm. Apart from that we can manufacture virtually any other platform size.

Standard colours

RAL 9002
Grey white

RAL 7032
Pebble grey

RAL 7047
Telegrey 4

RAL 9006
White aluminium

RAL 9007
Grey aluminium

RAL 8022
Black brown

Custom colours

Apart from the standard colours, every unprotected RAL colour can also be supplied as a custom colour.
We can also offer colours from the NCS and DB colour scales.
If desired, the running rail can also be supplied in electro-polished stainless steel.

Corrosion protection

In our outdoor systems the running rail, the supports and the fastening materials are hot-dip galvanised. The platform is galvanised and powder-coated. If desired the outdoor system can also be manufactured in stainless steel (powder-coated or electro-polished).

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