On 1 January 2018 LIPPE Lift GmbH became part of the Vestner Group, which is headquartered in 85609 Dornach (Munich). The Vestner Group also owns seven further German branch offices as well as foreign branch offices in France, Austria and New Zealand.


In 2004 we began offering apprenticeships again.


When the manufacturing site in Lemgo is set to be closed, the employees decide to continue operations under the name Lippe Lift- und Anlagenbau GmbH. The two products T80 and Konstanz are manufactured and sold.


1 October 1994 – the company is renamed Thyssen Treppenlifte GmbH. The inclined stair lift type Konstanz is developed and put into production.


Thyssen Aufzüge acquires the company on 1 October 1993. All patents and manufacturing rights are acquired by Thyssen Aufzüge GmbH. All employees are taken on with the exception of the management board. Our products have been type-tested since 1993.


Construction of the third production building, restructuring of the work processes, extension of Sales and the Assembly department.


Founding of Grass-Treppenlifte by the owner, Dipl. Ing. Gerd Grass. Development and construction of inclined stair lifts, including the type T80 among others. Acquisition of a works building in the new Lemgo West industrial estate.

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