Everything from a single source

From the initial telephone contact to the installation and maintenance of the lift, you get everything from a single source. As a manufacturer we can accommodate your wishes individually and even develop suitable custom solutions.

  • Partner network throughout Germany
  • Free consultation with trained expert advisers.
  • Information about aids and grants
  • On-site appointment with precise measurement
  • Arrangement of an appointment for a test drive
  • Professional installation
  • Maintenance, repair and spare parts
Lippe Lift Beratung


Lippe Lift Präzises Aufmaß

Precise measurement at your premises

Lippe Lift Konstruktion

Design and manufacturing approx. 2 – 6 working weeks

Lippe Lift Montage

Installation approx. 1 day per floor

Service from competent advice and professional installation through to regular servicing

Free consultation with trained expert advisers

No two living situations are exactly the same! Is the installation situation simple or complicated, how many floors have to be overcome and what model with what equipment is the right one for you?

The first consultation with LIPPE Lift is always free of charge and non-binding.

The many years of experience of our employees help you in finding the technically and economically best solution for you. This guarantees a lift system that is well thought out in every regard and which will give you many years of service.

We’ll be glad to inform you about possible aids and grants with which you can significantly lower the costs of a lift.

On-site appointment with precise measurement for exact planning

We aim to find the best solution for you. In order to achieve that we need to get the most detailed picture possible of your situation and to get to know the precise on-site conditions. Only in this way can we give you the best possible advice and furnish you with a quotation that is precisely tailored to your situation.

During the on-site appointment your stairs will be measured precisely so that the running rails can subsequently be manufactured on the basis of these data.

Arrangement of an appointment for a test drive

Before choosing a lift, we offer you the opportunity to arrange a test drive. You can arrange an appointment for a test drive either at our factory or with one of our partners in your area.

Professional installation

With a lift individually manufactured in accordance with your wishes, you get a quality product.

Our specialist fitters install the lift professionally. They work quickly, cleanly and without a lot of noise and are kept up to date by regular training. Following the installation the specialist fitter will explain all the functions of your new lift to you in detail and accompany you on your first journey.

The installation duration depends on the type of lift and the length of the track. One installation day per floor should be planned.

Maintain the safety and reliability of your lift through regular maintenance!

The failure of a stair lift restricts your mobility. The regular servicing and maintenance of the lift ensures a long service life and guarantees the reliability and functionality of your lift. Therefore, we at LIPPE Lift recommend that you take out a service contract that guarantees regular servicing.

Dirt and foliage can get into the rails and drive, especially in the case of outdoor systems or in the staircase. Regular professional cleaning is advisable in order to avoid consequential expense due to malfunctions and damage. It may be necessary to replace small parts during the thorough cleaning.

Apart from through cleaning, servicing includes checking the function of wearing parts, electronics, operating elements, safety elements and much more.

Regular checks help to avoid malfunctions due to wear or dirt. Possibly expensive damage can be prevented in good time. Regular servicing is thus frequently less expensive than a repair in case of damage.

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