Questions about the stairs

What stairs are suitable for the installation of a lift?

Whether straight stairs with two steps or curving stairs extending over several floors – our lifts can be mounted on almost any stairs. Each running rail is manufactured individually by hand and thus adapted precisely to the conditions in your home.

Is the lift also suitable for outdoor use?

Our lifts are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use; the only exception is the LL12 platform stair lift. For outdoor systems we offer you optional platform heating or a rain hood. Thanks to our know-how and the options that we offer, it doesn’t matter whether the area of use is in Northern Scandinavia or in Central Africa.

Can a lift be installed in any staircase or is rebuilding necessary?

In most cases no rebuilding is necessary. The lift can be mounted on just about any material. And we’ll find a suitable solution for landings, passageways, windows, doors or underfloor heating.

Will the lift be mounted on the wall or on the steps, or are both possible?

The stair lifts from LIPPE Lift can be mounted both on the wall and on supports on the stairs. Thanks to the well thought out, very flexible fastening system, we can always find a possibility to install the lift securely.

Questions about the different lift types

Which lift is the right one for me?

If climbing stairs is very difficult for you, but you can still walk, our chair stair lift is suitable for you. If you are reliant on a wheelchair, you need a platform stair lift or a vertical platform lift.

Under certain circumstances, the chair of our T80 model can be exchanged for a T80 platform at a later time, as the running rail is identical. The T80 is therefore the ideal solution, especially in cases in which the limited ability to climb stairs will worsen in the foreseeable future, requiring the use of a wheelchair.

Our professional consultants will be glad to advise you regarding which model is especially suitable for you and the given installation situation.

Can a platform stair lift also be used standing up?

Thanks to the special arrangement and rigidity of the barriers, you can also use our wheelchair platforms while standing up. Optionally, a folding seat can also be installed and the lift can then be used in a seated position.

You don't want to or cannot install a lift in your staircase and are looking for a solution that works separately from the stairs?

In this case we can offer you a special variant of the platform lift – as an indoor or outdoor system! The vertical platform lift transports wheelchair users vertically up to a height of 2990 mm – comfortably and safely. It also saves a lot of space, as it requires no lift shaft. The space under the platform thus remains fully usable for you – ideal for entrances to the garage!

Questions on consulting, delivery time, installation and maintenance

Are consulting and measuring-up free of charge?

The detailed consultation and the measuring of the stairs on site are service performances and as such are naturally free of charge!

Our professional consultants will visit you at home, advise you on the best possible solutions for you and your living situation and prepare a detailed quotation for you.

Can I take a test drive before purchasing a lift?

Before choosing a lift, we offer you the opportunity to take a test drive. You can take this test drive either at our factory or at one of our partners in your area.

How long is the delivery time for the lift?

The delivery time depends on the model, the length of the track and whether the stairs are straight or curved.

T80 platform stair lift and STL300 vertical platform lift:

Delivery time approx. 3 – 4 working weeks; add approx. 1 more week for outdoor systems.

Konstanz and LL12 platform stair lifts:

Delivery time approx. 2 – 3 working weeks

How long does it take to install the lift?

The installation duration depends on the type of lift and the length of the track. One installation day per floor should be planned.

Who installs the lift?

Our specialist fitters install the lift professionally. They work quickly, cleanly and without a lot of noise and are kept up to date by regular training. Following the installation the specialist fitter will explain all the functions of your new lift to you in detail and accompany you on your first journey.

Is regular servicing useful?

The regular servicing and maintenance of the lift ensures a long service life and guarantees the reliability and functionality of your lift. That’s why we at LIPPE Lift recommend that you take out a service contract, which ensures regular servicing once per year.

Questions about the function, equipment and accessories

In what colours is the lift available?

The standard colours offered depend on the model. Apart from various RAL grey hues, aluminium-coloured surfaces (RAL 9006 and RAL 9007) are available as standard.

Apart from the standard colours, every unprotected RAL colour can also be supplied as a custom colour. We can also offer colours from the NCS and DB colour scales. If desired, the running rail can also be supplied in electro-polished stainless steel.

With our chair stair lifts, the standard colour for seat, backrest and armrests is RAL 7004 (signal grey). The seat can also be covered with leather or in any other colour as a custom version so that the lift matches your home perfectly.

How fast does a lift travel?

In order to transport you safely, your lift travels only at a maximum speed of 0.15 metres per second. A further reason for the relative slow speed of travel is the necessity for automatic stopping if there should be an obstacle in the way.

The running rail of the T80 models is designed such that the speed of travel of the lift is automatically reduced in the curves.

What happens if there are objects or other obstacles in the way?

If there are persons or objects on the stairs or underneath the platform, the lift’s automatic stop system detects the obstacle by means of sensors and stops driving automatically.

What is the load capacity of the lift?

The maximum load capacity of a chair stair lift is 225 kg and that of a platform stair lift is 300 kg. The exact load capacity depends on the model.

Are the platform lifts from LIPPE Lift suitable for electric wheelchairs?

The exact load capacity depends on the model. With a load capacity of up to 300 kg the transport of electric wheelchairs is not a problem.

Can I also use the lift to transport loads?

If, in rare cases, loads such as shopping or beverage crates are transported, it is essential to ensure that the load is sufficiently stable and that the permissible loading capacity is not exceeded.

What electrical connection is required by the lift?

Only a normal power socket (230 V) is necessary to operate the lift. This should be either in the upper track area or in the lower track area. The power socket supplies the battery charger, which in turn supplies power to the individual stopping points via which the safety batteries are automatically charged up.

Can the lift also be used in case of a power cut?

The lift is powered by safety batteries. So you can still drive onwards even if there’s a power cut!

How is the lift operated?

We offer you three options here: either directly via the operating element on the lift, using a radio remote control, e.g. on the wall, or conveniently using a hand-held transmitter.

In public buildings there is an additional option to lock the operating elements to protect them against damage/vandalism.

How can I fetch the lift from another floor?

The radio remote control and the hand-held transmitter enable you to fetch the lift from another floor by the push of a button. This means that you can also park your lift out of sight when you don’t need it.

Can the platform stair lift be unfolded and folded up using the hand-held transmitter or the radio remote control?

The platform stair lift can be unfolded and folded up by the push of a button using the hand-held transmitter or the radio remote control on the wall. The lift is only about 300 – 400 mm deep when folded up, which saves an enormous amount of space.

Why does LIPPE Lift recommend a separate battery charger for each stopping point?

If you supply several stopping points with one battery charger, the voltage drops due to the distance between the battery charger and the charging contacts further away and may no longer be sufficient.

Not only that, the LEDs that indicate whether there is sufficient voltage and whether the battery charger is currently charging can only be seen at the stopping point where the battery charger is mounted.

Questions about costs, finance and grants

How much does a lift cost?

With a lift individually manufactured in accordance with your wishes, you get a quality product. The price for a lift depends on a great many different factors. It is difficult to give any general statement on the price here. Is the installation situation simple or complicated, how many floors have to be overcome and which model with what equipment have you chosen? All of these factors influence the price of your lift!

Following a personal discussion and the assessment of the structural conditions of your stairs, we will be glad to furnish you with a free quotation tailored to your requirements.

Why is the on-site appointment important for a quotation?

No two living situations are exactly the same! Every individual has different wishes and ideas!

We aim to find the best solution for you. In order to achieve that we need to get the most detailed picture possible of your situation and to get to know the precise on-site conditions. Only in this way can we give you the best possible advice and furnish you with a quotation that is precisely tailored to your situation.

During the on-site appointment your stairs will be measured precisely so that the running rails can subsequently be made with the exact dimensions on the basis of these data.

Are there any subsidies, grants or financial aids available when purchasing a lift?

Since these regulations differ from country to country, we ask you to check this information directly with our partner in the respective country.

Will the grant also be paid retroactively by the public care insurance company?

Since these regulations differ from country to country, we ask you to check this information directly with our partner in the respective country.

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