LIPPE Lift: technical expertise since 1985

LIPPE Lift GmbH is a highly specialised manufacturer of lifts with experience and technical expertise since 1985. Our lifts are manufactured 100% in Germany and are characterised by top quality, reliability, safety and comfort.

Each lift is designed individually, adapted to the respective situation and manufactured on state-of-the-art machines and plants. Nothing is as flexible as genuine handwork; we also manufacture special structures to suit your needs.

All our lifts are subjected to strict safety and quality checks before delivery. Our lifts are TÜV-tested and comply with the current regulations.

Regular training of our employees and the careful selection of our partners are the guarantees of a top-class product – from the planning and design through to the installation.

  • 100 % made in Germany
  • Individually manufactured lifts
  • Special structures to meet your needs
  • Technical expertise since 1985
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee
  • TÜV-tested safety
Lippe Lift, TÜV-baumustergeprüft, Made in Germany

A lot of genuine handwork goes into the production at LIPPE Lift!

Lippe Lift Fertigung Kurvenbau

Curve Construction

In the Curve Construction department the support rods are formed/adapted three-dimensionally and welded.

Lippe Lift Fertigung Kurvenbiegen

Curve Bending

The guide tubes for the curves of the running rails are bent in the Curve Bending department. The big advantage of this complex manufacturing method compared to a bending machine is that we change the angle of inclination within the curve and can thus ensure an optimal running rail layout.

Lippe Lift Fertigung Fahrschienenbau

Running Rail Construction

In the Running Rail Construction department the bend tubes are freed from scale and the individual components are welded together to form the respective running rail.

Lippe Lift Fertigung Pulverbeschichtung

Powder Coating

Fast changes of colour are no problem in our own powder-coating plant. The selection of a custom colour does not result in a delivery delay. It costs only a little more.

Lippe Lift Fertigung Plattformbau

Platform Construction

The respective frame, base and barriers are welded in the Platform Construction department.

Lippe Lift Fertigung Endkontrolle

Final Inspection

During the final inspection the individual components are checked with regard to quality, function and safety. The customer-specific adjustments to the platform or seat and the running rail are carried out here.

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