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The platform stair lift for wheelchair users

Platform stair lifts are tailored to the needs of wheelchair users. They transport wheelchair users comfortably and safely to every floor – for a barrier-free life in their own four walls.

The platform stair lift transports the wheelchair user sitting in his or her own wheelchair. The platform stair lift is thus the solution for all those who cannot transfer to a chair stair lift without the help of others.

Whether stairs with two steps or curving stairs extending over several floors – our platform stair lifts can be mounted on virtually any stairs. Each running rail is manufactured individually by hand and thus adapted precisely to the conditions in your home.

Thanks to the special arrangement and rigidity of the barriers, you can also use our platform stair lifts while standing up.

  • Individually planned for your stairs
  • Made to measure in Germany
  • For straight and curving stairs
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Top quality
  • Reliable and safe
  • Wide range of equipment options
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee

Overview of our platform stair lifts

LIPPE Lift Plattformtreppenlift T80

T80 platform stair lift

Universally usable, even with difficult stairs

The T80 platform stair lift is characterised by its load capacity of 300 kg, which is independent of the inclination, as well as almost all possible running rail layouts. A very flexible fastening system and an extensive range of equipment options round off the outstanding overall concept of this universal platform lift.

> more about the T80 model

Konstanz platform stair lift

Stable and powerful lift for straight stairs and steps

The stable Konstanz platform stair lift is intended for use on straight stairs and steps both indoors and outdoors. The sturdy drive can move loads of up to 300 kg without effort and with little wear. With maximum dimensions of 900 x 1500 mm, the Konstanz wheelchair platform is a real marvel of size.

> more about the Konstanz model

LL12 platform stair lift

Special lift for narrow, straight indoor stairs

The LL12 platform stair lift is the perfect solution for narrow, straight indoor stairs. It is a made-to-measure quality product with a load capacity of up to 225 kg. The LL12 platform stair lift is user-friendly and can be adapted to suit your personal needs with a large number of equipment options.

> more about the LL12 model

Technical data

Area of usefor straight and curving stairs, S-curves also possible (min. curve dia. 324 mm), for indoors and outdoorsfor straight stairs, for indoors and outdoorsfor straight stairs, for indoors
Load capacity300 kg300 kgStandard 160 kg (optionally 225 kg)
Inclination0° to 60°15° to 45°15° to 44°
Platform sizes (WxL)680 x 840 mm 700 x 900 mm 750 x 1000 mm 800 x 1000 mm Custom sizes possible750 x 1000 mm 800 x 1000 mm Custom sizes possible up to 900 x 1500 mm (Konstanz XL)Standard 700 x 900 mm (optionally 680 x 840 mm) Special widths possible
Drive systemSupport chain driveDrive shaft with drive wheelRack and pinion
Electrical connectionThree-core, 3 x 1,5 mm² 230 V/50 Hz 16 AThree-core, 3 x 1,5 mm² 230 V/50 Hz 16 AThree-core, 3 x 1,5 mm² 230 V/50 Hz 16 A
Motor24V DC/0,42 kW24V DC/0,42 kW24V DC/0,42 kW
Speed of travelmax. 0,15 m/sapprox. 0,08 m/sapprox. 0,08 m/s

Product videos

Standard operation of the T80 platform stair lift.

Operation of the T80 platform stair lift by an accompanying person using a hand-held transmitter.


LIPPE Lift Plattformtreppenlift Handlauf

Double-function running rail/handrail

With our T80 and Konstanz platform stair lifts, the high quality running rails also serve as the stair handrail. As a result, there are no extra costs for a handrail in new or renovated buildings.

Platform with anti-slip platform floor

The fully automatic platform has an anti-slip platform base made of structured aluminium plate. The lift can also be used in exceptional cases for the transport of loads, provided they are well secured.

LIPPE Lift Plattformtreppenlift Bedienelement

Operating element with spiral cable

All lift models can be operated amongst other things with the operating element with spiral cable directly on the lift. You can thus choose a comfortable position for issuing the drive commands, e.g. on your lap.

LIPPE Lift Plattformtreppenlift Schlüsselschalter

Key switch

Every lift has a key switch with switch positions 1 and 0 (on/off).

LIPPE Lift Plattformtreppenlift Funkfernbedienung

Radio remote control

You can fetch and send the lift using the radio remote control at the stopping points. It can be mounted, for example, on the wall or on the support. No cabling is required as it runs on batteries.

LIPPE Lift Plattformtreppenlift Auffahrklappe

Folding ramp

The folding sides work like mini ramps and enable comfortable getting on and off, even in the case of slight unevenness and gradients. Whilst driving, the folding ramp is folded up at an angle of about 45° and secures the wheelchair.

LIPPE Lift Plattformtreppenlift Ladegerät

Battery charger

The safety batteries are automatically charged up at the stopping points. The battery charger supplies the stopping points with electricity. In order to prevent voltage losses, LIPPE Lift recommends a separate battery charger at each stopping point. Also, the state of the battery charger is indicated by LEDs, depending on the battery charger model.


LIPPE Lift Plattformtreppenlift Handsender

Hand-held transmitter

There is an option to operate the lift using a convenient hand-held transmitter. The hand-held transmitter fits in any pocket and is always ready to hand. With this hand-held transmitter all the functions of the lift are at your fingertips. Folding and unfolding, fetching and sending the platform as well as driving in the folded or unfolded state.

LIPPE Lift Plattformtreppenlift Elektrischer Notablass

Electrical emergency descent

If the emergency descent is actuated, the lift drives downwards at half speed. This function should only be used in an absolute emergency, because it disables other functions such as the automatic stop.

LIPPE Lift Plattformtreppenlift Kunststoff Verkleidung

Plastic cladding

Our T80 and Konstanz platform stair lifts are available with a beautifully shaped plastic cladding made of ASA (platform length: 1000 mm). The material is UV and weather-resistant and is thus most suitable for outdoor systems. The antenna is invisible with this version.

LIPPE Lift Plattformtreppenlift Klappsitz

Folding seat

The optional folding seat with safety belt turns your platform stair lift into a chair stair lift so that persons with walking disabilities can also use the lift safely and comfortably in a seated position. In order to increase the load capacity of the folding seat from 120 kg to approx. 250 kg, it can additionally be equipped with a support foot.

LIPPE Lift Plattformtreppenlift Abnehmbare Sicherheitsschranken

Removable safety barrier

In rare cases, e.g. with wheelchairs with a very high headrest, it may be necessary to have a removable barrier. The full safety and functionality of the electronics are retained.

LIPPE Lift Plattformtreppenlift Abschließbare Bedienelemente

Lockable operating elements

There is an optional possibility to lock the operating elements and thus to protect them from unauthorised use. This is particularly useful in public buildings or with outdoor systems.

LIPPE Lift Plattformtreppenlift Seitliche Auffahrklappe

Side ramp

As an option we can supply you with a lateral folding ramp for driving onto the long platform side. This may be necessary if, for example, the lift is situated between the stairs and the wall and driving on via the narrow side is not possible.

LIPPE Lift Plattformtreppenlift Sonderschlüssel-Schalter

Special key switch

Every lift has the switch positions 1 and 0 (on/off). The special key switch has a third switch position. If the wheelchair user cannot operate the lift him/herself, this switch position enables it to be operated by an accompanying person, also from the other stopping points.

LIPPE Lift Plattformtreppenlift Steckbares Bedienelement

Plug-in operating element

As an option we can also supply the operating element with spiral cable in a plug-in version.

LIPPE Lift Plattformtreppenlift optisches Signal

Visual signal

When the lift moves, a round light indicates this with a visual warning signal. This option is used in particular in public buildings, e.g. schools.

LIPPE Lift Plattformtreppenlift Regenschutzhaube

Rain hood for outdoor systems

We can supply a handy rain hood for outdoor systems.

LIPPE Lift Plattformtreppenlift Plattform- und Schienenheizung

Platform and rail heating

Our lifts are also suitable for outdoor use. The optional platform and rail heating ensures a smooth journey even in winter with outdoor systems. The platform heating heats the batteries, the motor brake and the unlocking unit. The heating starts at +5 °C and switches off again at +15 °C.


Reliability and safety are primary concerns at LIPPE Lift! Only high quality parts and components are used for our lifts and they are subject to strict safety and quality checks before delivery. Our lifts are TÜV-tested and comply with the current regulations.

Lippe Lift Plattformlift Sicherheite
  • Strictest safety and quality tests
  • TÜV type tested
  • Battery drive ensures driving in case of a power cut
  • The automatic stop function ensures automatic stopping
  • Help can be summoned at any time via the emergency call function
  • Emergency stop switch for stopping the lift instantly
  • Anti-slip structured platform floor
  • Automatic speed reduction in curves

Automatic safety barriers (1)

The lift will only move if the barriers are closed. Thanks to the special arrangement and rigidity of the barriers, you can also use our wheelchair platforms while standing up. The platform barriers open and close automatically if desired.

Automatic stop function

If there are persons or objects on the stairs, the lift detects the obstacle by means of sensors in various places on the lift and stops driving automatically.

Active control

The lift drives only as long as the drive command is given. The lift stops automatically as soon as you take your finger off the operating element on the lift or on the hand-held controller. This function is also called a “dead-man control”.

Safety through folding ramps (2)

Whilst driving, the folding ramp is folded up at an angle of about 45° and secures the wheelchair.

Emergency call function (3)

Help can always be summoned via the emergency call function. Different variants are available, from the simple acoustic signal on the platform to the sending of text messages.

Anti-slip platform floor (4)

The fully automatic platform has an anti-slip platform floor made of structured aluminium plate.

Emergency stop (5)

The lift can be stopped immediately with the aid of the emergency stop.

Safety batteries

The lift is powered by safety batteries. The batteries are automatically charged up at the stopping points. So you can still drive onwards even if there’s a power cut!

Automatic speed reduction in curves

The running rail is designed so that the speed of travel of the lift is automatically reduced in the curves.

Safety arrester

The speed of the lift is monitored constantly so that the preset maximum speed is not exceeded. The lift brakes automatically in dangerous situations.

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